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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

All the leaves are brown

Is it Autumn or is it Winter?
Can anyone help me please?
 Last time I had a weekend free I headed off to Dorset, camera in my sticky mitt, determined to take oodles of lovely photos of Autumnal trees begging to be scrapped.
 Could I find any? Not that weekend, everything was still gloriously green!!! 
This weekend the trees were waiting for me, glorious golds and oranges, ambers and browns - beautiful! Sadly, the weather was not camera friendly, although I did consider some rainy atmospheric shots along the M3 yesterday. Not really what I had in mind for an Autumn page, certainly not that picturesque either.
The weather then turned foul and was a real winter hit with cold and torrential rain, although today is again quite sunny and mellow - I even ventured out to wash my car and it is gleaming as the sun sets this evening.
Does anyone know where I could go to take some photos before all the trees are bare? 
Answers in the comments box please?

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Anonymous said...

How cute is that?!!!