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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Don't speak too soon.....?

As my days off draw to a close I finally managed to go and float - check out the London Float Centre if you want to give it a go.                       (It's fabulous!! ) That and a good catch-up with an old chum over a glass of wine and today there was no stopping me. I'm not entirely convinced my mojo has returned, but it is certainly spluttering slowly back to life. 
Just in time for a weekend back at work? Typical!
I have finally managed to scrap another page for big Monkeys' racing day - something I have been struggling with for weeks, and have also made a batch of Christmas cards. I know most of you probably made yours weeks ago, but November is about right in my hectic schedule!
No responses for Autumnal trees - does that mean they have all gone??

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