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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Farewell my summer love

So far so good, it's been quiet at work so I have had a bit of a scrapping frenzy and caught up on some of our summer holiday pics. It's seems quite strange scrapping in the cold and the dark in the wee hours when summer seems so long ago. The memories didn't warm me up though - had to rely on a cup of tea and a chocolate Freddo for that. 
I feel like scrapping some winter pics but don't have any new ones of the monkeys just yet, so am rummaging back through iphoto to see what I have missed out on from this year before we get to next year and a whole new set of adventures. I have been naughty though and been online shopping at a fab American store and ordered some goodies - why do they have so much more choice than we do, and half the price generally too?? Oops, now I feel guilty - it's a good job I got paid lots of overtime last month, sadly won't be in the paypacket til next month. I'd better glue my paypal account up until January, and keep scrapping to clear some space for all this new stash!!

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