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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Grumbly Monkey!

The week of nights ended in a frenzy, as always seems to be the way, and I am exhausted! Finishing late on Monday always has a knock on effect, but I consoled myself that after visiting my local 'Do-Crafts' stockist, I would spend my day off devouring the new Creativity magazines that came out at the weekend.
I have been all over South London this morning, big monkey in tow - (grumbling co's it was raining but after being bribed, and with a McD's breakfast in his tummy a wee bit happier), but could we find a copy anywhere? They were either sold out or hadn't been delivered yet? How disappointed am I? - I didn't even buy any stash!!! How unimpressed was the monkey?

Usually I go for a 'float' to recover my senses and my mojo, once a month is generally enough, but I may have to book a double session this time round? You will find me in a warm, dark tank, dreaming of new layouts to make.............

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