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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Crazy life!

This week was good - only had to work for two days which has gotta be good in anyone's book?

I now have the whole weekend to myself, to blog hop, card make and scrap to my hearts content, that's assuming I can give the old moj a shove in the right direction.
Am sad to say that this months issue of Scrapbook Inspirations still hasn't arrived, despite me phoning up and being promised a replacement copy - am frustrated to say the least! Will just have to spend a couple of hours poodling round t'internet to get some ideas!

Hopefully will have some good stuff to share with you later?

1 comment:

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. I've just found your fantastic blog while browsing and am so pleased. A fellow scrapbooker. It is so hard to find scrapbook blogs out there, everyone makes cards!!!!
Your layouts are inspiring, I love them and talented you getting them published in SI. I read that avidly every month and will be looking out for you in future.
Will be a frequent visitor from now on.