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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Feelin' blue

Not me for a change, well maybe just a bit...........been reading about everyone's fab weekends in the sunshine and where was I?
You guessed it - at work!
Boo hoo!
AND it was busy! Something about the sun, alcohol and my line of work just don't mix too well?

So, I missed the lovely sunshine, and now I'm tired out and can't wait for next weekend to arrive. 
We are going down to Grannywens's co's my car needs an MOT and PJ is the man to see about things like that.
Am a little nervous as it will be the first trip back since Ralph chased plop away to heaven, and 'things' from around the house won't be there anymore - including him! Hopefully it will be good weather and a trip to the Range will be in order for some goodies. Maybe even a trip to the seaside? Jules from the last post is from there too, and she managed to come back from a weekend there this week a very gorgeous tan colour! Not fair!
Anyhoo - gotta get thru the rest of this week without losing the plot first?
 See you soon!

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