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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hot stuff!

Here's another LO from my mini scrapathon - haven't scrapped Big Monkey for ages but he looked soooo handsome all dressed up at laura's wedding. Shame he didn't think so despite loads of compliments?? 
If you agree please leave a comment to prove him wrong?

Well my little car is safely back with me now after some welding and an MOT!
 It was quite an adventure to go and collect it today, the train and the most bizarre bus journey. I used to get the bus when I was a kid, it cost a pound and took about an hour as it went all round the houses. Today it cost £4.10 and still took an hour but went all round a different load of houses and didn't end up where I needed it to!!(And I was the youngest on the bus by about 20 years!!!) Anyhoo, drive back to London later, (sadly no roof off as it spotted with rain the whole way), and I am safe at home with a headache and a chicken salad for tea. Must be the muggy weather I think? Off to bed shortly as up at sparrows fart in the morning for work. 
Am going to dream of my hunk in his (birthday)suit!!!?


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