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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mini Scrapathon?

I don't know how it happened but after a week of dull nights where nothing happened, I slept loads more than usual (which is a lot!!) I came home on the last morning and.............didn't go to bed!

Instead I sat and scrapped solidly for about 12 hours, producing two 12X12 LO's and a whole mini book, well not that mini as it turns out, but no mean feat I can tell you.

Not sure where all the mojo came flooding back from but who cares.......wheeeeeeeeeeee............. here I go again in the Zone! 
(sounds like a song there??)

Anyhoo, the not-so-mini book is for Laura after her wedding, she's back at work this week so I thought I had better get on with it before too long passes. I have to say, not being a fan of minis, I found this one quite easy, if a little time consuming. I think it's co's Laura's wedding was simple and elegant and I scraped enough of the table confetti up to make 3 books, and just used that and her colour scheme, so it too ended up being simple and elegant. The cover was the main prob and am still working on that...........here are a few pages, sorry they are hastily photographed!

Today I thought I would scrap all day but have only managed 2 more LO's. I think I must have peaked too soon yesterday and all that mojoflow just flowed off and out into the garden. Maybe is was just co's today was soooo gorgeous and I really wanted to just sit and do nothing in it, but I have been moaning about not having time/mojo to scrap so ??? The smell of my fresh laundry wafting in the patio doors doesn't help either, ahh lovely summer day!

This LO is a tribute to Ralph. Mum went on holiday after that hideous day last month, and one day walking on the beach she saw a Plop in the flotsam. She sent me the picture and I told her it was Ralph looking down on her and sending a message that he was ok and running around fit and well 'up there'. Had this idea brewing since then.

Well this has turned out to be a long post........will be back tomorrow with some more of my LO's and a tale of the returning Cappy?


Anonymous said...

Fab mini book

Sarah xx said...

Thank you x