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Monday, 8 June 2009

Large glass of red for me please.......

Well, I survived the weekend with Grannywen.

 There were some very sad moments that Ralph used to fill, the nudging nose as you ate some salad, the woofing at morning excursion time and the cuddle before bed. He has a very handsome new cubby to rest in though, all wooden with a lovely plaque and he can still go camping with GW and PJ, but the final letters to Petplan were almost too much for me to bare.

Worse to come was the news that my little Cappy failed its MOT, and that PJ suggested it got sold after it had been sorted. I feel like I am losing everything at the moment, next thing will be the plot I fear?

There were some good points too, a trip to The Range was full of exciting new stash and the next two camping holidays have been planned and booked - at bit last minute, but we have pitches so are sorted!! Just need to plan some good weather and we will be on for a fab couple of weeks in the tent! I can't wait, really feel like I need a good break from life at the mo?

Am intending to scrap today before nights tonight, the new stash is beckoning at me. Will show you later  xxx

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