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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Just Thursday

As promised here is the finished cover and another page from the mini book that I made for Laura. I used the fabric that was tied in a bow on the chairs at the reception to make it. She is now back from her honeymoon so I plan to give it to her this week.

Also one of my pages from the other day, the photo is a couple of years old, but that was a fun summer on the bikes and the fittest I've been since my marathon running days - hence the purchase of my Wii so that I can shed some of the scrappers pounds that I have accumulated. You know how it goes.....stick one, eat one, glue one, eat one.....?

Anyway the monkeys have gone to Chessington today, YES - without me! NO - I am not impressed! Apparently school doesn't matter these days, nor does it matter that I had said I couldn't go today as I had other things to do in preparation for yet another wedding this weekend! So I have sat quietly at home, done some washing and played beach volleyball and made a card whilst they were out having fun. It seems that my thoughts don't count for much these days, and as usual I come second. 
 I am back at work tomorrow for a day and half before a big rush to get to the wedding on Saturday afternoon - hopefully it will be quiet and not too stressful,  although I won't hold my breath!
See you again soon

1 comment:

lisa said...

Fantastic layouts Sarah. I love the scalloped pages. Your wedding book is such a lovely gift that I'm sure will be treasured for always.
Fancy having a day out without you, I just wouldn't stand for that!!!!!
I hope they had a great time.