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Tuesday, 12 January 2010


A cheeky little LO today showing Harry on my shoulder, which is a fairly usual place for him to be when he's not exploring the sofa and environs. Wills on the other hand is very content to curl up somewhere in my clothing and fall asleep as depicted in earlier LO's. They have been getting along fine and have both been very snuggly with me the last couple of days - Harry gave my earlobe a thorough washing last night as we watched TV!!! It was very sweet!

Meanwhile the snow has almost gone from the garden, just a pathetic squiggly line of it left under the trees, but it didn't stop Foxy coming for a visit and having a drink from my plant pot? Bless him, he's very sweet too. I think this will be my photo for today for Project 365!
They have forecast more snow tonight, it was certainly cold enough today when I had to sit in and wait for the gas safety man who didn't turn up - sit in without the heating on too!! I was not impressed even if I did manage a couple more LO's! (Difficult when you are wrapped in a blanket!!!) I wonder if we will get any more?


whatkatiedid said...

Oh look at your little fox! How wonderful that you have him visiting you, great photo too :)

It's snowing here again - we had a little dusting overnight, now it has been snowing for a couple of hours. Getting a bit fed up of it now! LOL

Nemo said...

Sweet [secret] layout! Lovely colours and embellishment mix.
I wonder what is being whispered in your ear????
Magic photo of Foxy - so close!