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Friday, 15 January 2010

A load of old baubles!

Ok, so I said there was only going to be one LO depicting Christmas 2009 and maybe I was feeling somewhat melancholy when this page emerged from the Zone, but I liked the photo (you can just see me in the bauble) and there had to be something somewhere that explained the lack of festiveness that year.

There is some hidden (very hidden) journalling that isn't for anyone else to read, so that I can look back when I am 95 and hopefully remember and laugh at something about it???
Can't quite see it at the moment, but hopefully dementia will have set in by then and I won't even remember where I hid the journalling??

Well, the snow has all gone, from these parts anyway. How about you guys? I can't believe we are so happy to see rain - that's just unheard of isn't it? I may even venture further afield tomorrow, central London is becoming very small and claustrophobic at the moment. I feel the need for fields or something more rural to soothe my soul and boost creativity. Probably just a small trip to the pet and craft shop will do for now!!


beksynormz said...

I think it's good to document the not so good times as well as the good ones. Hope things look up for you soon hun xxx

Chris Alexandre said...

It's nice to look back every once in a while. So many details are forgotten along the way. The occasional look back can bring a grin here and there. Hope you have an amazing 2010! Best of wishes!

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. It's a brave thing to journal the tough times as well as the good but can be a good thing to look back on in the years to come.
I had to smile, I have a LO with almost exactly the same photo, obviously it's my reflection in the bauble and not yours!!! that would be weird wouldn't it, but I used it for a LO after we'd had a particularly tough year, I'll have to dig it out and blog it for you to see!!
Hope you are having a good weekend.