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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It actually snowed again!!

Yesterday the back garden had returned to its normal dull wintery green / greyness, but today I woke up to more of this stuff!!
The weathermen actually got it right?!

There are new little footprints in the snow where foxy has been prowling and drinking from my flower pot - I heard him in the night making his peculiar warbling noise!

It seemed appropriate to share this LO, taken during my Dec trip to WHF in Kent, where we saw the amazing tigers in the snow! There will be more to follow at some point - this is the first one I have scrapped, and they will give me the perfect excuse to try to invent new ways to portray snow on my LO's. My snow writer tube has nearly dried up through lack of use but I managed to squeeze some out for this one with some added stickles glitter. I think I may have some fun with some polar white Flowersoft next?

p.s I have added this snowy effect to my blog - I think its kinda cute and appropriate for the weather at the moment!!

Also - don't forget Brenda's blog hop - I couldn't manage to add the info to my sidebar so will have to remind you here!!



brenda said...

We got more as weel Sarah and it's started again and setting. Very pretty but just about fed up with it.

Makes nice l/o's though.

B x

Nemo said...

Really COOL tiger in the snow - love your snow effects, and your snowy photos today are all white and fluffy!

Anna said...

Oo, you have rats! I'm so envious :) I'd have pet rats again in the blink of an eye if it weren't for our cats ...
Gorgeous layout! Love the fox photo too.

lisa said...

We had more last night too, Sarah, although it's supposed to thaw now, can't wait for spring!!
Your tiger layout is amazing, what a fantastic photo. You take the most amazing shots, I shall have to get some lessons from you.