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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sneaky peaks

I'm not a big fan of sneaky peaks, usually co's I can't be bothered with all the arty photography required when it is usually hard enough getting some decent light to photograph the whole LO!!
But until I complete some more LO's I am breaking my rule and sharing this.
I am also sharing this because I am soooo chuffed at myself for being ahead of the game for once and I have completed this months GoGo CJ way ahead of time!! Don't want to spoil it for my team mates if you are visiting though!?

So today? Saturday! Should be exciting, no work etc etc but no, the hi-light of my day today was getting my hair cut! It looks very nice but sadly no-one, nowhere to show it off to and the way I feel there won't be for quite a while!! Saturdays have lost their glimmer for a while!

So what does a girl do?
Why get herself into the Zone of course and play with her new GoGo kit, MS punches and dabbers and stickles and smooches - plenty of shimmer there for any girl on a saturday afternoon! That's assuming I can still see, whilst sniffing 2 for 1 shower gels in Sainsburys earlier I inadvertantly squirted some straight in my eye - doh!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Catch you soon


Lean said...

looks great your sneak and i wanna see more ......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
nice weekend ,Lean

lisa said...

What are you like, Sarah, it's come to something when you have to resort to sniffing shower gels on a Saturday!!Love your sneeky peeks, but can't wait to see the complete thing.
Enjoy your time in your zone.


Louby said...

Hi Sarah ...how bout showing off your new doo to us on here? I'm sure it's lovely. Not sure about your new sniffing habit though, sounds unhealthy...lol. Nice to see you're busy...i'm trying. speak soon
Louby x

brenda said...

Morning Sarah

What better way to spend the weekend than crafting, just a shame about the shower gel !

B x

Rachel said...

ooh looks fab, saturdays are similar for me too but hair cuts sound exciting