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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day!

Hi just a quick post as I had to share this pic with you - not v good technically speaking but I had to grab it very quickly before Foxy moved!

Am not having a snow day but am off work today for other reasons. Was busy watching Loose Women when I saw him out of the window.
How cute is he???

I am joining in the 365 project for Iphone users, and although I only started it yesterday I think that this will be my photo for today!! Will have to dig up some ratty pics for the first few days of the year.

The ratties are ok, Harry went back to the vet on Monday for another injection. He seems fine in himself and not at all bothered, just seems to be enjoying the extra fuss he is getting!!! The boys are being cleaned today and I am going to attempt to bath them - hopefully they will bond again during it and it will stop them fighting so much so I don't have to keep separating them!
Catch you soon


Nemo said...

Lovely photo - good that you were able to capture him before he moved.

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

These urban foxes are brazen little devils aren't they. Our rural ones run a mile at the slightest movement.

B x

Emma said...

Love that little fox, he looks like he is posing for you! I am doing 365 for iphone too, such a cool app!

Anna said...

Just popping in to say hello as I notice you're following my blog. Thank you :)

Love that photo!

Lynda said...

Oh this is just wonderful. You're so lucky to be so close!

Love Lynda xxx