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Saturday, 16 January 2010

The reality of Miss Jones!

Now that the snow seems to have all but disappeared everywhere I thought I had better share this LO!
Frosty snowy robin photo that I took in Dec whilst staying with my Daniel Cleaver!?

No seriously, I have just watched Bridget Jones again and she really is me!
I am really her!
Bottles of wine, cool London flat, big knickers???
It's so not funny really and sadly I don't have a gorgeous Mark Darcy waiting in the wings to cheer me up and love me either!!!

Actually I have always joked about being Bridget, (hence LO and post three or four ago), but having just watched it again I am quite shocked at how similar parts of the film were to the last month or so of my life with my own Mr Cleaver, but obviously without the happy ending for me!
Oh, and I didn't have to wear a bunny girl outfit or slide down a fireman's pole either - although I probably would have!!!?

If only life was like the movies........................mmmm there's an idea for a LO forming!!!?

Anyway, I did venture out of the city in my little car today, and headed off to the craft and pet shop in the country! There were little signs of snow in hedgerows but not much - it was generally just grey and wet!
I bought myself a little treat in the form of some yummy paper in the craft shop and a new igloo for the boys in the pet shop. They didn't have any potty litter though which was what I actually went for, apparently they don't stock it anymore!! A very mild adventure, but the change of scenery did me a little good!!


nemo said...

what an amazing idea for a snowflake! love it and the colour scheme is 150% for the photo and sooo effective.
like the snow falling on your blog too - very pretty

Lynda said...

Hi Sarah Gorgeous layout created for Mr Robin! The colours are my favourite for Winter too.

Love Lynda xxx

Amber said...

Sarah, beautiful LO. Love all the pictures of your pets! Such a fun blog!

Lean said...

Wauw beautiful lay-out you made with a lovely picture.
bye bye,Lean.

An Zeelmaekers said...

i love your LO. It's gorgious

lisa said...

I must be getting absent minded in my old age, Sarah. I read your post a few days ago and have just realised I didn't leave a comment-sorry!!!
I love this LO. That robin is stunning and the snowflake design and colours work so perfectly. I haven't touched my layouts since Christmas, muct get back to them, you have filled me with inspiration.