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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Reflective moments!

I have been feeling very reflective over the last few days. Maybe partly as its the beginning of a new year or maybe its due to things that have happened recently, I'm not sure?

I have given myself a good talking too and made some decisions about changing things in my life. Making things better and making things work for me for a change, rather than either sitting back and watching life go by or by letting other people's actions dictate what I do!

All sounds very positive doesn't it?
Now I just need to start 'doing it'!!
Will obviously keep you posted about how I get on.

My LO for today shows Wills in the new slipper that Grannywen bought the boys for Christmas. They instantly loved it, although I am now ashamed to say that already it doesn't look quite so new and padded anymore! After our recent vet trips, Harry decided to chomp all the stuffing out and push it away - much to the amusement of the other clients?? (And another idea for a LO emerges)
Anyway, not sure if Wills is yawning, burping or having a little reflective moment of his own in this pic but he looks oh so sweet!
Bless him!

Was going to lose the snow effect, but as they have forecast some more tonight I might just leave it a while longer. Hope you don't get snowed in again?


Rachel said...

wow gorgeous page x

Lynda said...

He looks very regal in his little 'snug'

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Morning Sarah

Really like the shape of the l/o background and the colours plus that grid, very on trend.

Keep positive, you can do it.

B x

Lean said...

Wauw great lay-out you made and a sweet picture.
bye bye,lean.

Anna said...

Gorgeous LO! And such a cute photo! Love it :)

lisa said...

Another stunner, Sarah.


Laura said...

Gorgeous layout xxxx