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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vanilla Extract!!

LO heavy post this one - the only one that will exist for this Christmas, an old one that needed finishing and good old Foxy in the snow. If I get these out of the way then I can start afresh with 2010 ones!!

Have to say though that the mojo is a little snowed under. I made another two LO's yesterday but they were like pulling teeth, and didn't flow out over the page as easily as I would have liked. Typical isn't it, I finally get some time to scrap and I can't - must be my poor tortured soul struggling to be positive about anything at the mo!

As for the vanilla extract?
Well, would you believe it, but after a VERY quick bath which left a floating raisin or ten, a ten minute cling to me for dear life and a rub down with a warm towel and some vanilla extract, my two ratties are harmoniously cohabiting again!
Well sort of. They were meant to huddle together and bond during the traumatic bath, then snuggle and groom each other with the vanilla - it sort of worked apart from the fact that they ran off to groom themselves alone. They have however stopped the manic frenzy of male mating and nipping each other which is good. Haven't managed to get back to the vet though co's I can't get the car out of the drive - oops! Good job Harry's lump has virtually gone. Will have to try next week!

So, are you fed up of the snow yet?
I feel it's all been a bit wasted on me, no snowmen or angels from me this year - no-one to play with!! It's not really that picturesque near me either so I haven't even got any stunning photos to enjoy - it's lucky I have foxy really who has been mooching about in the garden quite a lot.
I don't think ratties in the snow would make a good picture do you, even if I could get their woolly hats to stay on???



lisa said...

Hi Sarah,

Love seeing your LO's, they are all gorgeous as always but my favourite is foxy in the snow, that colour combo is lovely.
The snow's great when you don't have to go out isn't it? I've taken a few photos but it's gone past the pretty stage here really. Must get some layouts done with them though.
Glad your boys are living together in harmony again, they'd disappear in the snow here, even our cats have turned there noses up at it.

Stay snuggly.


brenda said...

Have to confess I am rather fed up with tghe snow now Sarah. It's nice at first but when it affects everything you want to do it's no fun.

Your l/o's are great as always, you really do have a great way of bringing all the elements together so they are appealing to the eye.

B x