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Friday, 29 January 2010

Hurrah - the weekend! Or is it??

It might be time to sigh with relief for the rest of you but I have reached that time again when I have to work the weekend!

Hopefully it will stay cold and wet and horrid and all those silly people will stay indoors and not go out and get up to silliness.
That means I will then be able to sit in my not so nice but warm office and do some dull paperwork rather than have to go out and DEAL with them - much preferable methinks!!!

Have had a hard week this week, really not dealing with people very well - they get on my nerves (some more than others), but luckily have the ratties to come home and snuggle with. Amusingly after cleaning out day on Tuesday I added a mezanine floor to the cage, removed the ramp to the lower floor and added a few little stepping shelves instead. Harry sussed it out immediately - clever boy, but oddly little Wills struggled for a few days and seemed too scared to use the steps. That of course meant that greedy old Harry stashed all the food downstairs each time I refilled their bowl, and I have had a running battle with him this week having to collect it all up and put it back in the bowl on the middle floor so that Wills can eat too. Wills has now worked out the steps and is very happily curled up in a branflake box on the lower floor!!

I've still got the snow falling on the blog,( no Susanne your eyes are not playing up), intending to keep it for a while, appropriate as today got caught in a small hail shower coming out of court - painfully sharp little buggers they were !? Ruined the new doo too!

Have a good weekend, stay warm and keep your fingers crossed for me?


Lean said...

great picture and you made a wonderful lay-out.
have a nice weekend,Lean.

Polly said...

The stories about your little ratty friends do make me laugh, they're such little cuties. Hope you get a quiet weekend, will keep my fingers cross for you xxx

Nemo said...

The Lion in Winter (with falling snow!) and what a magnificent animal - woohoo!
Another amazing LO - everything about it perfect. Fab!!!
My fingers are crossed for you xxx

Rachel said...

wow stunning page, that photo is amazing x

Louby said...

love the layout,beautiul picture. Sorry to hear you've got to work the weekend - not nice. Know what you mean about people getting on your nerves -sometimes think i'm on a totally different planet to everyone else! whats that all about. Hope your work goes smoothly
Louby x

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I have to confess I often say I prefer animals to people, you know exactly where you are with them and they give unconditionally.

The weather is cold and snowy again, so hopefully you are snug in your office.

B x

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. Hope your weekend wasn't too much of a struggle. Know what you mean about folk, sometimes!!
I love your LO, what a gorgeous photo. The background is awesome but I haven't figured out how you did it, is it a stencil?
Hope your week goes ok.