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Monday, 25 January 2010

You make me smile!

Yes, I do mean you!

All of you!

I have just visited Lisa's Craft Garden and she has written a very lovely post which, as well as including a yummy recipe, has made me grin from ear to ear. She always leaves me such heartwarming comments but this time she has surpassed herself!
Thanks Lisa - you are fab!
And yes, the chums we meet through this fab hobby of ours are priceless!

Anyway, these little lovelies also make me smile - you just can't help it. Look at them - so sweet! Whatever the day has thrown ( or however shitty your ex continues to be ) at me I just have to look at Harry n Wills when they are snuggled up together and I can't help but smile. Their little ears sticking over the top of the bed or their little yawns, even soft little snoring noises. They say its the little things that mean the most - they are right!!

Scrapping went horribly wrong this weekend, managed a few LO's but then my desk lamp broke, and in trying to fix it I knocked the button jar off the shelf and all over the floor, and of course that broke too! Too dark in my little corner to see to scrap then!! Bugger! The floor looked very pretty and colourful for a while, and of course I forgot to photograph it as my picture of the day, but at least there was no lasting shower gel damage, so I could see to pick all the buttons up!!
I bought a new lamp today, £20 down to £10, so a real bargain, and much brighter than the last one but now that I can see in the Zone my mojo has hidden itself under the fridge? (probably along with a button or two?) I have loads of ideas but not the right photos to use with them. Oh well, back to work tomorrow so I won't have a chance to scrap for a while anyhoo!!


Lean said...

lovely lay -out great colours and detaails.And the sleepies so sweet.
bye bye,lean.

Lean said...

I mean deatils ...hmm..

Lean said...

3 time´s details pfffffffff blond girl.
bye bye,lean

lisa said...

Glad I made you smile, Sarah. It just struck me as so odd that we'd picked the same theme with the same photo!!! And a friend of mine asked the same question- why the only layout with me on was a reflection where you couldn't see anything!!!! I'm just shy and no oil painting I assure you!!!
Your fur babies are gorgeous and I had to smile at your button disaster-sounds like you had one of THOSE days!
Hope your mojo returns very soon I love seeing what you do. I've actually got one LO completed and another well on the way this weekend which is good going for me, they might actually get posted too.
Thanks for the link and hope work goes ok.
See ya.


Anna said...

I love that layout. Lovely bright colours it works really well.

Lynda said...

Life is s**t then you.... go and create a fabulous layout lol - Love the bright colours and the lil' cutie pie. Love the pair of snuggle buds too - they look like they're friends again!

Love Lynda xxx

Linda said...

Love your LO of Toby so bright and cheerful.

Harry and Wills are so cute too.

Nemo said...

Wonderful! three very cute little guys who all bring a smile to Life.
Great photos and a great layout xx

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Know just what you mean about Lisa.

Wills and Harry look like they have grown a lot or is it just they way they are curled up ?

Take care, keep positive.

B x