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Friday, 19 March 2010

3 down 4 to go!

Night shifts that is!
Whilst the rest of you are about to enjoy your weekend I haven't even got halfway thru my week yet!

Here is another LO from my scrappy sunday oh so many weeks ago.
Luckily I haven't had any of these this week - the only good thing about night shift is being here during the day for the postie!! Both my Scrapagogo kit and some more new tents for the ratties arrived yesterday, but the other week a parcel did go awol and I have recently found out that it was one of the circle journals that I am doing!
I am not happy co's I feel so guilty about it going missing (co's I didnt get to the PO in time to collect it) and co's it will mean that we will all now be behind with the posting!!! Sorry CJ team!!
Gotta rush - trying to think of something for tea then gotta get ready for work!
Enjoy your weekend everybody!


Lynda said...

Tell me about these cards lol I got one Wednesday but I had to make a payment of over £16 before they would let me have my parcel from America! It was an oh so special customs one! Even the man at the counter sympathised lol. At least I got my goodies - hope you get your missing ones back soon! Love the layout - I would never think to do anything like this - you're so creative.

Love Lynda xxx

Anna said...

Yep! Those cards are a major pain in the you know what ... I can't even remember the last time I took delivery of a parcel from the postman on the doorstep!
Love the LO ... hope the shifts are going OK :)

Rachel said...

ooh lovely page fab colours, I sent everything to OH work coz we are never home so would have no chance lol

Helsbells said...

Great layouts, I like them a lot. I hate queing to collect packages, and they are always open at such swkward times too. grrrrr.

Yvonne said...

Love this Sarah! It is safe and sound now anyway lol! x