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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stuffing or get stuffed!!


We are still here just been busy at work again after my weekend working and have done some more silly hours!!

Not much to report, the cycling has fallen by the wayside this week but only co's of the hours I've worked, no lack of enthusiasm, and I have now been to my first boxercise class which was brilliant!!!! I loved it and can't wait for next Tuesday for the next session!

The boys are both well and continue to amuse me.
Harry has a real thing about stuffing - he hates it and pulls it all out from his bedding. I went in to them this morning to find what resembled a 10 foot snow drift in the bottom of their cage where he had pulled out all the stuffing from the doggie bed and it was scattered over the ground floor of the palace!!?
Messy little wotsit!
He looked at me very sheepishly from underneath Wills (can a ratty look like a sheep??) but it did make me laugh!!

This is typical of the game we play every night on the sofa. Harry does his housekeeping and then I stuff it all back again. We must do it at least 5 times and I'm sure he gives me a little sigh every time. He definitely gives me a 'look'!
This video (hope it works) makes me giggle every time I watch it!!

One more day at work and then three off - yippee!!
Am taking the boys for a relaxing weekend near the sea and boy, do I need it!! Hope I'm not getting ill, my throat is beginning to feel a bit rough!!


Lean said...

Sweet lay-out i love the colours you used.
bye bye,Lean.

Lynda said...

LOVE that layout Sarah and it was good you see your boys having fun in their snug.

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Tut tut, Sarah, no cycling.

Love the minimalistic feel to this l/o adn super colours.

B x

Sarah xx said...

Sorry Brenda, getting up at 5am, starting work at 7am and not finishing until 10pm took its toll!!!

Sarah xx said...
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Meg said...

The video is hilarious! Harry puts such a lot of effort into his housekeeping!!!