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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Toast corners and yoghurt mainly

....are just some of the many foodstuffs that I share with my four legged chums. I am now getting a little fed up of them pushing past my cutlery to the best part of my plate and stealing whatever is there and covering me in honey, jam, gravy etc so now I sit next to a spare plate where dollops of my meal get shared between the little darlings! You can really see how much bigger Harry is, greedy little piglet! He makes me laugh so much and I am so thankful he is still with us. His personality is really coming out these days though, and he now gets quite jealous if he thinks I cuddle Wills too much. He runs over and pushes in between us, but not being a cuddly sort himself, won't linger for a stroke any longer than is necessary to make his point!

After a crazy week, some hideous snuffles and a couple of days in bed I ventured into the Zone and managed four LO's on Sunday. Of course I had to document the toastergate saga and enjoyed making my toast letters. Am still wondering whether I should add butter??

I am back cycling to work and was the only person at Boxercise last night so had a one on one session with Iris my trainer who clearly lied when she said she would go gently with me!!! I am able to walk today but have discovered muscles I never knew I had!! I even had to stop off on the way home today for a float just to help me 'recover'!!? :)

Nothing exciting to report really but am looking forward to the weekend so that I can go and visit Grannywen for Mothers day!!!
Have fun.


Lean said...

Lots of eat stuff at your place ihihih lovely picture and great lay-out.
bye bye,Lean.

brenda said...

Hi Sara

Harry really does look a lot bigger thsan Wills now. Must be the luxurious lifestly they live.

Have a good weekend away won't you.

B x

Claire said...

Really lovely LO, and those guys are so cute!

Enfys said...

Fab lettering, it really looks as if they are cut out of toast. Harry is so much bigger than Wills, is he pinching all his food too? Have a great weekend,
big hugs
En xx