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Thursday, 18 March 2010

We are Not amused!!!!

Do you remember the other day I mentioned that I had to buy some new beds for my little darlings cos Harry had munched the ones they had?
Well I did, and when I woke up yesterday after my first night duty I had to clean the palace as it was That time of the week again! I put a lovely new bed in for them but within 20 minutes I found that his munchiness had chewed a little hole already and pushed out a small wad of stuffing!
He was suitably chastised and off I went to work last night.

I have just arrived home to this.....

Did he honestly think that if he Hid the devastation behind a wall of stuffing I wouldn't notice????

This was a brand new bed!!!
Look at all that stuffing!!!!!

HE had made such a mess they had both decided to cram themselves into the tiny bed upstairs!!!
Does Harry look guilty?

I should say so!!!

No toast corners for you my lad!!

Very unimpressed - Posted from my iPhone!!!


Lynda said...

Naughty Harry! Bet you weren't mad with him for long though!

Love Lynda xxx

Lean said...

ooo sorry but i did laugh i know this is not Funny at all.....ggrrrr Harry.
bye bye,Lean&misty[i never did this Kind of things i am a lovely doggy....in her dreams.]

lisa said...

You've got a monkey there, Sarah. I had to laugh too. I love the wall of stuffing to hide behind!!!!
Glad you had such a lovely Mother's Day weekend, it sounds perfect.