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Thursday, 25 March 2010


Is very important!

It has taken me about two and half years to scrap this photo of my friend.

When he sent it to me we were very much involved, but even though it didn't work out we have remained friends.

My friend visited me yesterday, armed with flowers and chocolates and a fabulous music CD! We sat and we talked about nothing and everything and he held me when I cried at the hideousness that the last few months have been. He didn't judge me, there was no agenda, he was just my friend and he was there for me when I needed some human contact from someone who knew me.
That made me cry too!
It made me cry that there was a time that I longed for him to be there for me like this, and now that he was I didn't feel a thing!
Life is odd like that, but I have a great friend!
I have also managed to get on with my circle journal which involves some of my new scrapping friends. The journals turned up - two at once and now I am ahead of the game with them. Here is the tag that I made to go with the first book - Around the World. I wish I had thought to include such a thing in my journal! Is it too late do you think?
My furry friends continue to amuse me and chomp everything in sight and I managed a couple of LO's of them too - will share later!
Enjoy your friends, wherever they are.

1 comment:

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Reading this post, I have a tear in my eye for you as well. True freidns are just as the one you describe, no demands, just there for you, but few and far between.

Take care and have a good weekend.

B x