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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring cuteness!

How very cute are my little furries?

Well, have survived the weekend of work and now have a lovely evening all to myself (well and with the boys). I might even indulge in a bit of scrapping??
I was only a little bit perplexed at 5 am this morning when the alarm went off - I thought it was meant to get lighter in the mornings with the clocks going forward but this morning at that time it was darker than ever!!! I even had to turn the tv on briefly to check that I had the right time!

The weather wasn't the predicted monsoons, in fact the sun has been out and it has been quite mild - great for cycling to work and back, (except today which was very very dark!!), and having spent umptymillion pounds on getting my bike refurbed in the week, it has been a complete joy to ride - right up until someone tried to knock me off today and then called me fat cow!! I may look like a curvy fourteen year old boy in my bright orange cycle kit, but that's a bit harsh!!

Oh well, was trying to think of things to share, but apart from Mothers day part two pics to show you there has been nowt but work going on here!! No chance for daffodil loveliness or anything else for that matter? Am sure there was something I was going to tell but have forgotten now!!!

Anyway, hope you've all had lovely weekends, am off for a hot bath then gotta wake the creatures up for their weekly spring clean!! Toodlepip!


Anna said...

Very cute indeed and I love the LO! Enjoy your evening scrapping :)

Lean said...

sweet picture about your creatures...love the title.
bye bye,Lean.

Julie said...

I love the layout [I hope you swore back at the person that was rude to you while on your bike - cheeky bugger!!!]
Enjoy your evening - as my little one has just gone to bed I think I'll be scrapping too.

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Yes, decidenly dark monrings, it was almost seven before you could see properly today what with the rain yet again.

I love the shaped and cool colours of this l/o, they sort of give a minimalistic feel to it, yet still has the content and intetest.

B x

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.

Just popped by to catch up with you. Sorry I've been neglegtful, decorating duties happening in this house but all done now.
I LOVE the LO's you've been sharing. I just wish I could produce such fantastic work. You always have brilliant ideas, like the Sorry you were out card!!
Glad you have such a lovely (and I mean LOVELY friend) sounds just what you need at the minute.
Glad work is going ok and hope you get a break at Easter.