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Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring forward, crawl back!!!

bright cheery card (badly photographed) before moany post alert!!!

I am very tired!
I do not feel full of the joys of spring today!!
Ask my iphone!!!

I got to work an hour early this morning and as I sat in the office looking out of the window thinking
"Gosh, it's even darker this morning than yesterday",
grumbling that the overnight crimes hadn't been sent to me yet, it suddenly dawned on me (s'cuse the pun) that something wasn't quite right!!

I checked my phone which told me that it was ten to seven, then I checked my watch which said ten to six!
That can't be right?
But alas dear readers the speaking clock, my computer and the darkness outside informed me that yes, it was indeed still only ten to six!
That means I got up at quarter past four!!
No wonder I feel so tired!!
Bloomin' iphone!
I took great pains to ensure that it was set properly yesterday so that I wasn't late for work. I checked and double checked yesterday, but today, or rather during my very short night, my iphone decided to set itself to spring time despite the fact THAT I HAD ALREADY DONE IT!!!!!!!
So not impressed!
Reminds me of how I felt when I saw Harry's munched pile of bedding the other day!
I haven't played with my phone all day today to punish it!!!


Lynda said...

Fabulous card Sarah and what rotten luck with the phone! No wonder you're feeling tired. You wanted to know which punch I used for the grass on my egg card - it's a Martha Stewart Grass border punch. Have an early night to catch up now!

Love Lynda xxx

PS I would have sent you the card but I've given it to my local craft shop for them to use as a sample for a class - sorry!

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

If it makes you feel any better, yo are not the only one who bodged up with the time change.

For whatever reason my hubby changed our bedside clock two hours by mistake so Sunday after losing an hour already, I actually lost two and was up at 5.45, or was that 4.45 ? Typical man, he managed to sleep much longer and surfaced at gone nine.

B x

lisa said...

Gorgeous card, Sarah but what kind of times are they. Do they even exist!!!! I do not do mornings so to loose an hour is bad enough but I don't envy you having to get up sooooo early. I would be more than not impressed to have got up an hour earlier than I needed, poor you. Make sure you have an extra lie on on your day off!!!!