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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Not sure what to say about this one really as it kinda speaks for itself!!!

Maybe thank you to Harry for providing the embellishment??

I wouldn't mind but I get 'hummpphhed ' at when I try to tidy up the mess each time and as previously mentioned it has become a little game with Harry and I !! Wills isn't the slightest bit interested preferring to curl up in my t-shirt instead!

Two more mini dog beds arrived in the post today to replace the previously chomped ones and new tent will be required soon too!

It's a wonder I have any cash left to buy stash!!!
Have a great weekend!


Lynda said...

Hi Sarah I'm having a catch up as I've not been too well this week either and have been away from comp as much as possible. I love this layout with all the bedding strewn across it - It'll remind you forever how untidy Harry is... but it is his pad lol!!! They are such a funny pair of characters and I'm loving reading all about them.

Love Lynda xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh what a great layout, I think its fab how it tell the story about Harry.

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.

Sorry I haven't been by for awhile, in fact I hadn't realised it was so long until I've just read back through your posts. You can tell the weather has improved and I've not been stuck inside!!!
Anyway, first things first, hope you're feeling tons better, sorry you missed your weekend trip.
Love the toastegate LO, those letters are brilliant and I had to smile at your food being pinched. I have a cat that does this, She's mad about bread and can sniff it out, even if it's hidden!!
Hope your week has not been too stressful, you make me feel very lazy with your cycling and exercise.
Take care


Rachel said...

hee hee this made me smile, my lola looks to make her bed when i have cleaned her and out its always fun to watch x