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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mother's Day Weekender!! part one

The boys and I had a fabby weekend with Grannywen, although they didn't actually do much apart from sleep while we were there!
Actually that's not quite true - Harry brought his destructive invisible friend with him, but will explain about that another day!!!

Grannywen loved her card and her flowers and then promptly tied me to the dining room table to inject some mojo into a mini book that she was struggling over! Apart from eating and a few trips out I mainly spent the weekend cutting out small flowers from patterned paper to add to the pages, Not very exciting but quite theraputic and by the time we had added a few finishing touches here and there the mini book was complete before I left last night!!

Here are a few sneak peaks - can't show the whole thing as I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients!

On Sunday Grannywen and I had a girls days out!
We drove off into the glorious sunshine and visited Compton Acres with cameras at the ready. It was a lovely afternoon even if the sun did go in for most of it and we took some great pics - (will share those in a later post). A quick refreshment break in the coffee shop at the end was delicious - banana toffee muffins and a cuppa - delish!! We then headed off to the Range for some stash supplies but apart from some cutie card making type stash, didn't come out with much!!

Yesterday Grannywen had to go to a funeral so I took myself off for some much needed and long overdue retail therapy at Castlepoint. I haven't been there for about six months and wasn't expecting to find much that a) I liked, or b) suited/fitted me, but to my surprise I came home laden with goodies from long woolly girly coloured socks to wear in my boots, some new PE kit for cycling and boxercise classes and also some funky new tops to wear both in and out of work!!!
I was amazed and could probably have spent much more money than I did - there were loads of lovely things for me this season - may have to go back for another look at Easter??

Anyway - speaking of boxercise classes - it's Tuesday again so time for a workout tonight and then the first of seven night duties!
You know the drill - fingers crossed for me and I will be back to share the Compton Acres pics soon.
Take care


Anna said...

Your rats are adorable! I loved the video near the bottom of the page! One of mine had a destructive invisible friend too - a friend who chewed through 2 sets of modem cables in one weekend! DH wasn't amused ...
Good luck for your run of night duties :)

eMeLiNe Seet said...

the card is so sweet and lovely !

p said...

cute mini.