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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Important letters

I have been a busy little bee today, scrapping the last of the Christmas layouts, or at least trying to. My printer has now run out of ink and I don't have any spares, which is unlike me. This was my last day of play before returning to work on Monday, so to say I am not pleased is an understatement! 
I had some letters to write and some cards to make - not least a letter to complain to Parcel Force about the awol stash parcel from the US. Of course they didn't get done as I spent hours on t'internet looking for some replacement ink cartridges, and just happened to stumble on some online stash sales along the way!!

This layout is taken from our day at Hever, we sat in the little toadstool house and small monkey wrote to Santa. He is only five, but like all other little boys he wanted a Playstation, a Nintendo and a DS. One of his wishes came true, and we had a great game of monsters on Christmas morning. I was having too much fun myself to take any photos!!?

 I made the card, but haven't photographed it or my other layouts due to the poor lighting at this time of night. They will have to wait til the morning and I will upload them soon. We are off to the country nest tomorrow, via some errands, as we have a christening to go to on Sunday. Hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm off to bed. xx


Sarah Youde said...

OMG Sarah! Having a 5 year old girl and a 6 year old boy I nealy cried looking at your layout. I don't know why, it is just such a lovely thing to scrap a note they have made - I just love their fantastic attemps at writing, it's so adorable! I love how the alpha has been made to look like candy canes - I love it so much!!

Scrapdolly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
The blog header was done digitally and then just added to the design template of the blog.
It was very simple to do - I would be happy to make you a header if ever you wanted one. xx

Sarah xx said...

Thanks girls. I have contacted you both re the above comments. xx