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Friday, 9 January 2009

Soggy tails from the past!

Whilst my printer was ink - less I played about with these snaps I had in a box. I'm not normally one for 'hidden' photos, but this layout required that they were included or lost forever!

The journalling, which is also hidden reads as follows;
" I can't even remember when these photos were taken, sometime around 2002 or 2003 I think. Ralph and I went for a weeks holiday in Devon. We (I) booked a cottage on a farm and spent the week on Dartmoor and along coastal paths enjoying the walking and just being together!
The weather wasn't great and neither of us minded, but this day was particularly awful. I vaguely remember driving near to the prison at Princetown, and having just hooked out my Dartmouth pathfinder walking maps book to double check, I see a handwritten entry on the page for this walk saying " Attempted 28/01/03 - Bad weather!!"
I remember that it was a bit damp when we set out that morning, but not enough to stop Ralph wanting to go exploring. We loaded up my rucksack with water, doggy bowl, camera, mars bars, waterproofs and scooby snacks and set off
According to the guide book this walk was supposed to take 5 hours to complete. I think we walked for about 3 before I decided to heed the guidebook warning that this route should not be attempted in bad weather without good experience of those conditions and a compass. Looking at the dark clouds rolling in I decided against being stranded on Dartmoor in a storm with no-one knowing where we were!
(The middle photo shows Ralph's reluctance to 'go back the way he had come'. He lagged behind for ages in a sulk!)
I do remember walking back to the car very very quickly with my sulky friend behind me, as the storm was closing in fast, and of course we got caught in it long before we reached the car park. I think we swam most of the last hour, and you can see from the photo that Ralph was indeed very soggy! We were both soaked to the skin but laughing and wagging our tails (eventually). It was a relief ( and a bribe) to sit in the car and eat our sandwiches whilst we dripped onto towels!"

The colours of the LO look a bit odd here, but blame my Fuji for that - common problem with it!! The dark clouds can clearly be seen and yes they were that dark xxx

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Ralph said...

I remember that walk! Just you and me and the great outdoors. I just loved going for walks and exploring and in those days I didn't mind getting wet and muddy -it was fun even in the rain! Woof!!!!