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Thursday, 29 January 2009


It's finally in my sticky little mitts!

There are not many good sides to my job. I deal with some nasty people in some truly horrendous situations and it is not all laughs and fun - far from it. 
I work some weird and wonderful shifts and alongside some absolute muppets, but do you know what? 
I love my job!
 A plus point for tolerating all the above is a nice little bonus that the government deems fit to award us once a year, and believe me when I say we earn every penny! As this is the first year that I have qualified to receive it, I thought that aswell as clearing some debts I deserved a little treat - well, quite a big one really.
Here it is.
My lovely lovely lovely Canon DSLR.
AND a lovely Sigma 300mm lens to play with.
I cannot describe how excited I am!  
Roll on saturday when I can go out and try it out properly.
Catch up with you soon..............I'm off to read some manuals!!!

1 comment:

Nemo said...

That equipment looks as if it means BUSINESS!!!!