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Friday, 6 March 2009


Here we are at the end of another week and it seems to have been non-stop!

No lazy weekend lie-ins for me, I am working all weekend and have to be up at 05.30 each day!! 

Today I have driven to Birmingham and back in 6 hours collecting stuff for work - it was nice to be out of the office, and a lovely sunny day too. I took my camera with me thinking I might stop off somewhere on the way home and take some pics, but to be honest, the sun/driving gave me a headache (which I still have), and in the end I just wanted to get back because I had stuff to do with the stuff I collected on my return to the office and didn't want to finish late!

I feel like I wasted a photo opportunity somewhere? I did detour thru Leamington Spa which looked lovely, but time was ticking away and I didn't stop.

This layout is from my birthday - it emerged yesterday evening although the pics have been on my desk in the zone for over a week. The colours don't show properly here, there wasn't much daylight left today to photograph it in, but it was a happy memory!
Off to bed now xxx

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