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Thursday, 19 March 2009


I hope you are all still enjoying the lovely weather we seem to be having. With still more night shifts to go I have missed it unless it lasts til the weekend?
Spring is all about birth but sadly life is also about things coming to an end. 
I have a funeral to go to tomorrow morning, so no sleep for me for a while. A much loved and well remembered Aunty of ours passed away at the weekend. I have many fond memories of visiting her and her dog Scampi when I was a child.
This one is for you Aunty P.
Much love


Scrapdolly said...

Love the spring page Sarah

The big cat photo shoot was at a place in kent that isn't open tot he public other than special tours.
I will look uo the web address when i get a chance - you would love it.

Louby said...

Lovely, pretty springy page - i'm sure your Aunty would have loved it.
Louby x

Enfys said...

Beautiful layout. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Looking at your posts, you live in Clapham? My daughter Alex lives there too, so I am often down that way. Bet you have been on the common this weekend.