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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Work makes me want to do this!!!

I have worked every day for nearly two weeks now and I am so tired its not funny. All the petty gripes get on my nerves and I just want to do my job!!! We even have a meeting today about some of them and I am sure I will roar even louder afterwards!!!

One more day, then I am off for the weekend. Hurrah!
Busy weekend though - no peace for the wicked as its small monkeys 6th Birthday tomorrow so lots of fun filled things for us to find to do.
No craft shows or demo days for me this weekend.............am beginning to forget how to scrap, certainly have no time at the mo and am getting very stressed at the lack of meeeeee time. Does anyone know where I can buy some please???


Anonymous said...

I found if you give up silly little things like housework, looking after children and eating, you can fit in more scrapping! Not really practical or fair is it?!
Lou XX

Sarah xx said...

What's housework???