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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Module 4 - People!

These were my efforts for Module 4 - I was really chuffed with them and had a great hour or so on the Southbank last weekend taking them and watching the performers. CJ has now announced her faves though and once again I didn't make it into the final four. I am a little disappointed as I thought I had taken some good pics. Not that the ones that were chosen aren't fabulous - they really were. I guess mine just didn't fit what she was looking for in the brief?

Another crazy week has flown by at work. It hasn't been this busy for months, and with all the bad press we have had this week I wonder what difference it will make over the coming few weeks?
I finally managed to go for a float on Thursday - can't believe its the first one this year, but I think it has made a bit of difference to my stress levels. I have even managed to scrap today. I will show you the results tomorrow. Take care, night night! xx

1 comment:

Nemo said...

Great photos - I particularly like number 4 - for the different black and white/silver textures