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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Just a quickie post today, life is full of deadlines at the moment, stress, pressure - you know the drill. Sometimes you just want to scream out loud and tell everyone to go away! And then hide in a ball under your duvet - you will find me there in about half an hour!!!

Have managed to keep up to the deadlines for the photography course and even managed to squeeze this layout out about module 2. I have kept it quite simple as I wanted to emphasise the photos, but thought the background paper was great to represent the Painting with Light title of the workshop!
Take care xx

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Enfys said...

Amazing, I really do love your work. I am looking forward to getting some layouts done when I get back to the states next week (for some reason, I only do pages when I am over there, it could be a reflection on the quality of the TV programmes, all of a sudden my days are longer!) Anyway, I shall be checking back to get inspiration from you