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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Last day of fun!

Haven't posted any layouts for a few days so thought I had better share another - sorry - am still overwhelmed by my day at the Big Cat park!

It took several weeks but our snowman finally melted, all thats left on the lawn now is the sad looking little carrot! I haven't picked it up yet  because I keep thinking that some of the garden wildlife might fancy a snack on it?

Last day of my lovely halfterm/birthday holiday today and I sooo don't want to go back to work tomorrow. It has been lovely not having to worry about all the office politics and backstabbing for two weeks!

I have had a lovely time and have learnt loads of new stuff about my dreaded Mac and my lovely Canon. The photography workshop is off and running and I have been frantically trying to complete this module before I spend the next two weeks working flat out without a day off! We spent yesterday afternoon washing cars and driving round the Surrey countryside looking for interesting things to photograph. Am off to do the same now so will catch up with you later! 
Toodlepip! xx

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