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Monday, 13 April 2009

Port Lympne

We had a fabulous day today - not only did the weather turn out to be bright and sunny (unusual for a BH I know) but there weren't too many cretins out and about when we went down to Kent to visit Port Lympne Wildlife Park.
You all know what a Doolittle I am, so what better place for me to practice my photographic skills than somewhere with these furry beauties?
I am really proud of some of these as many of them were taken through very small squared mesh fencing!! I was spoiled on my birthday going to WHF in Feb where the fences were not a problem, so I was in despair trying to avoid the criss cross lines of fencing today - many rubbish shots later I did manage a few money shots!!

We finished off the day with Fish n Chips sat on the beach at Hythe - then a walk along the prom. Wonderful! This is what days off are all about.
Hope your day was as good?


Emilie said...

Nice photos! Will you register for PWL 2? Anyway, will see you around on the web! I was please to meet you!

Laura said...

Hia Sarah

Just popping by to visit your blog and to say cheers for your lovely comment on mine. I adore your animal photos they are stunning.

L x