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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Well I didn't make the top four for Module 5 but I am still pleased with this photo, I wasn't going to submit it but Big monkey suggested that I should so BIG thanks to him!
Even more exciting is that this week I have again made it into the top 8 shortlist - who knows, I might even be one of Cj's fave 4 this module? 
What a great way to finish the course that would be?

Having a lovely lazy Sunday doing nothing with Big monkey. The weather is pretty pants and we are nibbling on some mini choc eggs. We are planning a day out tomorrow that will hopefully involve my camera and some furry creatures. 

Just a quick welcome to my new follower Clare - thanks so much for joining me in the zone, would love to hear what you think?

Whatever you are doing today - enjoy xx


Mireli said...

I love that picture of the wheel at sunset :). I hope you do make the top 4 on the final module - it would be great if you did, you've taken some really excellent pictures over the 6 weeks.

Clare x

Sarah xx said...

Thanks Clare xx