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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another day at the farm....

..........sadly not the fun one at Godstone, but the office one. Believe me - sometimes it seems full of animals!!!
Today wasn't too stressful and I managed to avoid any flying muck that tends to get slung round quite a lot, loads at the mo, which leads me to my rant! 
Recently in the press, the DPS (Police who police the police) -  a big hoo har about some PC who wrote something daft on Facebook who is now being investigated. We have someone in our office who is blatantly abusing a maternity sickness policy, and was then seen at an amusement park in photos on Facebook, it had been reported (annonymously) to said DPS who have replied that it is not in their remit to deal with it!!!
How can that be?
 Why the double standard?
I don't know but it drives me mad!!! 
The Organisation is so rubbish really, sometimes I wonder which side we are on?
End of rant!

Not sure I actually like this LO? I had intended to use the background paper for a camping page, but then this sort of evolved as many of my LO's do and it turned into a farm one? I kinda feel its a waste of the trees really, but hey, will have another good idea tomorrow and I still have some great stuff to show you from my mini scrapping marathon.

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Nemo said...

Close encounters of the fun kind -
Just makes me want to giggle too!
Lots of faces and lots of 'noises! (and tiny animals too) a very cute way to record a nice day out