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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Laura's Hen night!

I am still on night shifts, but did manage to sneak out before I started work yesterday and went to my friend Laura's hen night.
She held it at the Medieaval Banquet over by Tower Hill and it was an absolute scream. There wasn't a huge group of us and we wished we had dressed up in costumes like 75% of the rest of the clientele, but the evening was great fun nonetheless!
I certainly didn't want to go into work afterwards! 
These are just a few of the pics taken - I can see a scrapping page in the making with the slurping bowls of the banquet! That's me with Jules by the way, and the soup was delicious!
The wedding is at the end of May and I am really looking forward to going.  Big monkey and I are going to stay over at the hotel, more quality time for us! I am also going to take some pics of the day and make Laura a little mini book at the end as a keepsake.
Meantime back in the real world I have another night shift tonight - boo! Catch you laters, hope you had a good weekend. xx

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Nemo said...

Party girl in a tiger print! How surprising is that?!!