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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The end!

That's it!
It's all over!
Cj has chosen the final four and although mine wasn't one of them I am still chuffed to bits that I was in the shortlist! The top four are stunning pics and deserved to be there!
Well done to all of the girls.
PWL is now finished - all I have to do now is scrap the journey!

The lovely long Easter weekend is over - didn't we have great weather?

My first day back at work is now over - hoorah! And lucky for me it was a short day too - am sat in the garden as I type -  enjoying the sun.

Have read up on some fabby ladies blogs whilst sat here - you guys really inspire me,  and as soon as I can be bothered I am going indoors to scrap some of my lovely pics from Port Lympne.  All too soon it will be bed time, but obviously there's the Apprentice to watch first!
Another day over!

Catch you soon xxx


Nemo said...

What an interesting photo! Where did you take that?

Sarah xx said...

Somerset House. xx