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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Scrap happy!

I finally did it!
Ever since the course finished I have been meaning to put all the photos and comments into a mini book to record the effort we put in. I'm not very good when it comes to mini books - i need the space a 12 x 12 gives me to create and I can never manage to co-ordinate the pages properly - maybe I need to go on a course for mini books???
Anyway, I found this lovely notebook in a stationers and fell in love with it. Strangely it also looks like the background to CJ's blog, so I had to use it for my PWL notes.
I painstakingly printed out every page of the forum that I had posted on, my photos and all the lovely comments and encouragement that everyone left me about them. I printed the logos and the assignments and the comments from CJ, I even went through and printed out everyone's mugshots and now I have cut them all out and stuck them in this notebook, along with comments about those of you on UKS.  A true record of each week of Painting with Light.


Emilie said...

These is great! love your idea! and I can't belive that you wrote down all the comments! I am impressed!

Mireli said...

Brilliant idea and I love the book :).

Lou Collins said...

Sounds painstakingly time-consuming but looks well worth the efort!
Lou XX

Biskit said...

Wow, looks great and sounds like you've done a lot of work to get it done. Great piece to treasure.

Nemo said...

Just one word - Brilliant!

starcyl said...

You have done a great job and spent so much time and effort, can I send my pics down to you so you can do one for me?

Jenny x

Mary B said...

Oh wow that was a labour of love and must have taken some time to do.

Sarah xx said...

Thanks everyone.
It was a bit time consuming but am so glad I did it. There's even room in the notebook if I decide to do another course later!

Loulou said...

Well done Sarah, this is the kind of thing I will still be trying to get around to in a years time!
What a lovely memento of our brill course.
L x

Corrina said...

Great idea Sarah and lovley little mini book to remind you of the course and all we learned.