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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Calm in the chaos!

No crusty fighting for me in the City yesterday I am pleased to report, although Big Monkey had to get up at silly o clock this morning to go and watch them at the Excell Centre today.

I didn't have breakfast with Hilary Clinton, even though she stayed in the hotel next to where I work!

I didn't line the street hoping to wave at the President as his circus drove past!

A normal, hectic day at work for me, phonecalls and general weariness and nothing exciting to report.

I did go here for a float and it was heavenly and I did scrap when I got home which is always a joy. I seem to live in a little bubble sometimes when all the chaos of the world just passes me by?      
I'm not complaining  it's lovely! xx


Emilie said...

really nice LO! cute photo!

Nemo said...

I like the small monkey in the bottom corner!