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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Energy whereabouts unknown?

Nine shifts down and one to go!

Have to say I am pretty knackered and I really really don't like our new shift pattern!!

Haven't even had a chance to get in the Zone properly, so that is also stressing me out as I have loads of ideas to scrap. Not that I can use my new Scrapagogo kit yet co's of course the postie hasn't even attempted to deliver it. Got a funny feeling I'm a magazine awry too!!

This week, when not at work I have to confess to doing nothing very exciting other than backing up the 12 thousand odd photos on my laptop! You are obviously aware of my keeness of photography, and I had a little problem when I uploaded the 'tap' set of pics in that I lost half of them. I realised my laptop memory was groaning under the weight of pics so have been a good girl and both backed them up and organised them onto USB dongle thingies. I had a slight crafty moment making fancy little tags for each dongle??!
Exciting huh?

As per the LO of BM when we went to Jersey for his birthday, (excuse the crappy photo) I'm kind of having a head scratchy moment in time in that I am soo busy I don't know if I'm coming or going or where to!!!
Roll on the weekend please!


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

By now you last shift is hopefully nearly over and you can have a day or two rest.

That's one heck of a lot of photos, mind you never actuslly looked to see how many I have stacked up on my computer.

I like taking them as well but always dissapointed with the results. One of our sons is a professional photographer and I am always asking for tips, but I just get this bemused look and get told taking picture of cards is nothing like shooting with Naomi Cambell or Wayne Rooney. OK then, so I just carry on with lopsided shots on my blog.

Anyway, enjoy your days off - do hope this shift isn't going to end like the last one !!

B x

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. I thought I had a lot of photos but nothing like the number you have. The thought of losing them terrifies me and I'm obssesive about backing them up onto cds,dvds and now an external hardrive, is that overkill!!!!
Love your layout and hope you get more time to get all those ideas down.