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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Small creature love!

Hello from my world of furriness.

Had a relaxing day today, planned some scrapping but haven't made it into the Zone as yet and now there's the weekly Strictly V X Factor battle to watch??

I think I will go in the Zone tomorrow.

Been on a ratty plaything quest today, a toodle out in the car and popped into Puffin Crafts which was NOT very exciting!

Harry and Wills now have a lovely hanging ladder with lots of exciting (to ratty's) dangly things on it, and a carrot holder which Wills has fallen in love with!? He thanked me by snuggling on my shoulder for half an hour and didn't even poop on me - yeah! Am currently devising a raisin catching tray to hope to litter train them. Harry on the other hand snuggled in the crook of my arm for 45 mins snoozing and then left me 7 raisins before going back in the cage!! Humph!

Big Monkey has gone to a Halloween Party dressed as Elvis?? I was supposed to go too but to be honest I haven't got the energy, and could do with a nice quiet weekend. I will have to get him to dress up again as obviously this will be a photo that just HAS to be scrapped!! Next weekend will be busy with Halloween for real and small monkey will probably keep us on our toes throughout!


Emma said...

Love your LO Sarah! Halloween to me is just one big photo op!

Anonymous said...

Big monkey as Elvis??????????????
This is something we must see!