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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weekend recap (part two)

Oh my gosh!
I can't believe it's the weekend again already?
Where did the week go?

Well today was certainly very different from last week, today I was at work - boo, but luckily it was not too eventful or too long a day!

Last Sunday after my yummy full English I drove down to visit Grannywen. She was home with some chums she went to school with. Every year they have a reunion and all meet up. They are a great bunch of gels and have some great stories from their time at boarding school over 50 years ago. It's lovely that they still get together.

Well, we chatted and laughed and drank some wine and chatted and laughed some more. I moaned about work and regailed them with stories from the changeover (which is still not going too well) and we laughed, and they oohed and aaghed sometimes with shock and horror!

On Monday we went to visit another chum/old gel who lives in a beautiful cottage which she and her hubby have transformed - I love it - I so want to live there and scrap and ride horses and not have to work ever again!!! We toured round her not so small garden and I snapped away at the view and the autumnal colours and had a whale of a time. Then we went indoors and I snapped away at the gels laughing together, (these I won't post - it wouldn't be fair!!!). We had a yummy lunch and looked at old school photos and then I had to embark on the return trip to London!
How lovely and civilised and what a warm cosy thing to do on a weekend - laugh with those you love!
I really really need to get some scrapping done soon though, all the ideas in my head will fall out if I don't!
Maybe if tomorrow is like today and I am not at work too long........................................?

Oh - and if you are wondering about the tap?
I will explain tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

??? Trying to work out what the tap has to do with the autumnal photos???

Sarah xx said...

Wait and see! I will explain, it's not as random as it looks! Xx

lisa said...

Sounds wonderful and what great photos. I'm late blogging so I know about the tap!!!!!