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Friday, 16 October 2009

Dolittle distracted!

I didn't get much done today.
Even though I didn't lie-in too late, after I had done my chores and blog hopped and waited for the postman who never came I got distracted again by these little fellas.

I started photographing them through the window with less than brilliant results, then, when they had eaten the first pile of nuts I put some on the door frame and sat huddled in a blanket for an hour and a half in the cold with the door open just to see how close I could get them.
As you can see by my slippered foot in the first pic they came pretty close and didn't seem to bothered by my clicking away.
You may think me mad, but in my quest for the perfect squirrel picture I couldn't stop once I'd started and before I knew it it was about 5.30pm!! I thought of loads of titles for when I get round to scrapping these, but who knows when that will be, as I'm out for the day with the monkeys tomorrow.

See you soon


Polly said...

FAB pictures - totally worth sitting in the cold for. How we suffer for out art!

lisa said...

What great photos. I think you've caught the perfect Squirrel pic already, definitely worth your patience. Can't wait to see the layouts.
Enjoy your weekend.


Biskit said...

Well worth sitting in the cold for!

Lynda said...

Great pics Sarah - you'll have them eating out of your hands next!

Lynda xxx