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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogging on the move!

Well almost?
 I have been to Birmingham today for a focus group meeting and had some time to kill waiting for my return train. I had a mooch around the shops  and played with my new Iphone and the tilt shift app that I had downloaded onto it. These seem to be all the rage at the moment for that toy town feel, even CJ spent a fortune on a fancy tilt shift lens, but I think my app cost me about 59p!!
I love it! And I love my new Iphone too which I am slowly getting to grips with. I even tried to blog on the train home, but only managed to upload this picture. The text had to wait until I got home co's I kept mucking it up! OOh the fun I can now have?

P.S - Just found out about this AMAZING blog candy - check it out - HERE!!!

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Lynda said...

How clever are you? I always get Mark's cast offs so am always way behind on phone technology. So long as I can text that's all I need lol.

Lynda xxx

Emma said...

Think that will be my next phone! hopefully they won't be hideously expensive when I come to renew

Enfys said...

I really really want one of these phones, which is a bit ambitious, since I only just know how to send a text......
Love the photos of your fun weekend, nothing like a girlie night out is there?
Have a super weekend,
En xx

sarah copeland said...

oh wow, a tilt shift for the iphone? I must have!! how much fun!! i love that pic :)

brenda said...

Whose a lucky girl then Sarah ?

A couple of my sons have them and the do take the techie stuff to another level.

And I'm getting a bit hooked on SKYPE, it was brill when Alex was in NY as he showed me all round the skyline from his 19th floor hotel room.

B x